Person with an Intellectual Impairment (PWII)



  • A program is designed around the individual’s needs and requirements, both physically and mentally.
  • Goals and objectives are set as a team to meet NDIS funding objectives.
  • High-performance pathways including the PWII (Person with an Intellectual Impairment) – previously known as PWID (Person with an Intellectual Disability) – professional tour events.
  • This program is unique as the individual, a free comprehensive telephone interview will be conducted with each PWII and their carer or support person; or with a junior PWII’s parents to determine goals and create a plan.

Would you like to include tennis in your NDIS plan?

NDIS does cover tennis lessons, tennis competitions, and tennis club membership.

Sport and recreation fit into these four NDIS funding categories:

  1. Social and community participation
  2. Health and wellbeing
  3. Relationships
  4. Choice and control

Please view the NDIS sports guide via this link for assistance:

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Under 18’s – Junior & Teen PWII
18+ – Adult PWII