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  • Tennis Victoria Awards Finalists
  • Term 3 Priority Enrollment is now open, closes: Fri June 11th
  • July School Holiday Program dates and Programs
  • Racquet Restring now Available
  • Slamin Office operating hours
  • Adults Social Play
  • Tennis Racquet for Sale
  • New Tournament / Competition Support service
  • Friday After school Drop off Adults program
  • Slamin Tennis Invitation: Bring a Friend to Tennis Week!
  • Special Olympics: Teenagers, Adults and Primary School Aged
  • Term 2 Friday Competition
  • What’s the benefit of Competition?
  • Player of the week
  • Adult Free Trial
  • Casual Adult Lessons
  • Calendar dates
  • A reminder for this coming Winter
  • Our Social Media accounts for story and weather updates


Coach Vik looking gorgeous with her awards

Coach Vik looking gorgeous with her awards

With Coach Vik’s best friend Irena

With Coach Vik’s best friend Irena

On May 23rd, the esteemed Coach Vicky was bestowed with a prestigious award by Tennis Victoria. This recognition serves as a testament to her exceptional contributions to the sport and her unwavering dedication to nurturing young tennis enthusiasts.

Let’s raise a glass to our coach, a finalist for the Victorian Tennis Awards, as she received awards for

  • Coaching Excellence – Club or Centre Finalist
  • Most Outstanding Inclusion Initiative Finalist – Advantage Autism

Tennis Victoria Media release:

We are so proud of you! – Slamin Tennis Family


Our Term 3 “Priority Enrollment” is now open. This means all Term 2 players are automatically enrolled into Term 3- 2024 on the same day, time and venue, UNTIL the due date June 11th = Meaning your place is held.

After the due date has passed, Players can self enrol online AFTER the due date, however we cannot guarantee the same day and time will be available.

All enquiries to relation to program changes, day changes etc. Please email our Administrators Mylen and Tricia at:

To access the invoice:

This is how to check your pending or paid invoice or even a credit on the account

  1. Go to the app and click the (3 lines) located on the top corner of the app
  2. Click the “Financials”
  3. Select “Invoices and Receipts”
  4. Will allow you to choose from
  5. (unpaid, paid and view all)
  6. Select the invoice to view the due date or total amount to be paid



A fresh string job can make a **huge difference** in your performance.

Get your racquet restring by the pros at Slamin Tennis and experience the ultimate in performance.

By restringing your racquet, you’ll:

  • Enhance your control and accuracy
  • Increase power and spin
  • Reduce the risk of injuries
  • Extend the lifespan of your racquet

Ready to get your racquet restrung?

Call us: 0489 931 075
Email us:


We’re here to help! If you have any questions, need support, or want to get in touch with us, here are a few ways to reach us:

Call us at: 0489 931 075
email us at:
Located at: 802 Doncaster Rd, Doncaster. Vic. 3108 (Rear of Audi Car Dealership)

We are open f rom Monday to Friday 8:00am to 6:00pm


Are you ready to kickstart your weekends with a smash?

Join us every Friday at 7:15pm for an unforgettable Adult Social Competition at Doncaster Tennis Club – where the thrill of the game meets the warmth of camaraderie!

Here’s why you won’t want to miss out:

  • Venue: Doncaster Tennis Club
  • Time: Every Friday at 7:15pm
  • Term Price: $15 per session
  • Casual Price: $20 per session

Call your friends and claim your FREE TRIAL NOW!


Coach Vicky is selling her preloved Tennis Racquets. If you’re interested kindly send us an email : or call: 0489 931 075

>> Wilson Blade v7 104 (grip size 4 3/8)
>> Wilson Blade 104 v8 (grip size 4 3/8 



A coach can be engaged to attend at your next competition or tournament, to assess (1) match where the player competes under competitive pressure. Players play differently in practise with no pressure, then they do when in competition and there is the pressure of win or lose.

  • Assessment of performance, which strokes break down and when.
  • Mental focus and handling of emotions.
  • Planning for future coaching blocks.
  • Areas of practise and refinement for a player in their own time.
  • Assessment of fitness attributes and conditioning.

Coach Selection: The player can choose the coach for tournament/competition support based upon the coaches availability.

NOTES: In the event of inclement weather, a new date will be arranged.

PRICE: Tournament / Competition Coach Support ($150.00)


Coach Edgar is running a Mums and Dads after school drop off tennis session every Friday morning at Doncaster Tennis Club.

As a parent we are always doing things for our kids, its important to take time for ourself to, and also learn the skills to be able to practice with the kids and play as family.

Maybe you have never played, or maybe you play as a child, don’t fear coach Edgar will get you going in the friendliest, fun, and most inclusive session you will experience. All you need to do is let us know your coming!

Starting Friday May 31st.

All Abilities welcome, including first time players.

Session Details:

  • Friday 9:15-10:15am
  • Doncaster Tennis Club

FREE Trial: Simply email Mylen and Tricia at: to lock yourself in a spot.

Ongoing Price: $150


The ‘Bring a Friend to Tennis Week‘ starter last Monday, May 20th and will conclude Friday May 25th.

Did you miss Bring a friend to tennis week? If so, feel free to reach out, and we will do our best to accommodate your friend next week.

Click HERE to register.

Looking forward to seeing you and your friends on the court!


Slamin Tennis has partnered with Special Olympics to run the Melbourne Inner East Special Olympics program.

This partnership will enable players with an intellectual disability to access playing pathways, social events, and training. Special Olympics caters for people 8 years of age right up to adults of all ages, from first time players to established players.

All Abilities Metro East – Slamin Tennis Versus All Abilities South East – Ferntree Gully TC

The anticipated re-match will be happening at Doncaster Tennis Club in Term 1. Stand by for more details, open to all abilities players 18 years plus.

Special Olympics Group Training Schedule:

Day: Saturday
Time: 3:45-4:45pm
Venue: St. Gregory’s Tennis Club
Starting date: Saturday
Price: $32.00 / session
Casual sessions: $35 / session (online bookings)

Special Olympics Teenagers and Adults

We also offer it to teenagers primary school aged (8yr-12yrs).

This will be offered via email by expression of interest only.

Special Olympics Teenagers and Adults


Join the Friday Competition now!

Benefits and Objective of our Friday Competition:

Our Competition is aimed at children who are beginning to play the sport and have developed an understanding of tennis through Hot Shots coaching, Community Play or at their local school.

Players have a chance to test their skills against similar level players and know what it feels like to be under scoreboard pressure and how to cope in low to moderate pressure environments that are also fun to play in.

The competition is a unique competition designed to give orange stage players the opportunity to gain valuable regular match play experience. The competition format is fun and innovative and provides a great platform for players socially as well as technically and tactically to fast track a orange Stage players development.

The Competition is a Singles Only competition, so it is simple to get involved. All balls court players are eligible.


Meet Liam the recent Slamin Tennis Player of the week!

“Liam is improving day by day as he is great listener and focused on the court” Good job, Maya!

Every week, we will be posting the Slamin Tennis Player through our social media accounts.

The ‘Slamin Tennis Player of the Week’ is a recognition given to a player who has shown exceptional performance in a particular week.

The player could be someone who has been on a winning streak, achieved a milestone, or demonstrated exceptional sportsmanship on and off the court.

Moreover, it also motivates players to push themselves and improve their game. Knowing that their efforts and achievements are being recognized can serve as a confidence boost for players, urging them to strive for more success in the future.

Your child could be the next Slamin Player of the week; follow our social media accounts to see who will be the next superstar!


Tennis is a great sport for people of all ages. It’s a low-impact activity that can be enjoyed by everyone, regardless of their fitness level. It’s a great way to improve hand-eye coordination, balance, and flexibility. And let’s not forget the mental benefits – playing tennis requires focus, strategy, and quick decision-making. It’s a great way to keep the brain sharp and active. Claim your FREE Trial now!


We know as adults we are super busy with life, and family commitments, at Slamin we get it. So we have now introduced as much flexibility as we possible can to enable adults to get on court.

We understand the need for flexibility for adults, and committing to an entire term can be challenging. Hence we have enable a casual booking system right through your customer portal.

All adult classes are able to be booked as a single date session, at a slightly higher rate.

We hope this will empower adult players to be able to get on court in any way they feel like.

Please see the new pricing below for Casual lesson:

If you are an adult who would like to try tennis, don’t be shy! Reach out for a FREE trial, we have many beginner groups, first time players, as well as those returning to the sport they played as a child. Tennis is a family sport for all ages, and with a few lessons, you will be rallying, and making new friendships and having some great banter and laughs along the way

Come and join the Slamin Tribe! All equipment including racquets are provided.

Lessons Schedule at School: Term 2 2024


School Holidays:


Enrol anytime online, all charges are pro-rata from when you join. It’s as easy as booking a seat on a plane! book yourself directly at:

Any difficulties please contact the friendly customer service team at Slamin Tennis, Mylen and Tricia are happy to help:

m: 0489 931 075


To redeem your FREE t-shirt follow these simple steps:

1/Click the following link –
2/ Click “Select” on the venue your child takes lessons – Victoria Lee
3/ The venue will turn grey, scroll to the bottom of the page and fill in your child’s details, and select their t-shirt size and colour.


Winter is coming and it’s important to prepare yourself for the cold weather ahead. As the temperature starts to drop and the days become shorter, it’s time to start thinking about your winter wardrobe. Many people think that winter clothing is only about keeping warm, but it’s also about staying stylish and comfortable. So, it’s important to wear proper clothes during this season.

It’s important to dress appropriately for the activities you’ll be doing in the winter (e.gspray jacket, beanie, warm water in drink bottles etc).

If you’ll be spending a lot of time outdoors, make sure to wear proper winter sports clothing, such as a waterproof jacket and pants, and insulated gloves. If you’re just running errands around town, a warm coat, scarf, and hat will suffice. Remember to always check the weather forecast before heading out and dress accordingly.


Sessions may from time to time be cancelled due to poor weather. Rain or extreme heat. An sms cancellation message is automatically sent to the players nominated mobile to inform of the weather cancellation. If no sms is received please assume lessons are running as normal.

Your tennis coach who is onsite at the venue has the ability to assess court surfaces and make decisions on lessons cancellations. Your Coach will inform you ASAP, but sometimes the rain will come as the lesson starts, or 5 mins after the start of a lesson, so we do request understanding for parents, when the weather is not so kind.

Sessions held on-site in a school environment have an undercover/indoor alternative (eg: school gym), all lessons due to rain will continue in the undercover/indoor area.

To stay on top of the latest weather updates, be sure to visit our page

A lesson and court status update will always be posted before school pick-up, to save busy parents time. As always in the event of a weather-related cancellation, your coach will send an sms cancellation to your designated mobile number.

We trust posting on our social media channels will hep busy parents save time.


If you are not already social with us on socials, let’s get social! Follow our Facebook and Instagram accounts, to see all things Slamin, and see the Team, the Coaches, and the kids doing some awesome things, but also funny, little things a lot of the way

Mylen, Vicky and Tricia

Slamin Tennis