Coronavirus info

Slamin Tennis & Fitness – Important Information regarding Coronavirus

Slamin Tennis and Fitness follows all directives of the Victoria Government, and Chief Health Officer (CHO).

During periods of restrictions, as announced by the CHO things will look a little bit different to your regular coaching session. Here are a few of our policies and procedures in place to ensure a safe, cautious and appropriate return to tennis:

Group Sizes

  •       will be as per the Council requirements and the Victorian Government.


  • Slamin Tennis is committed to getting as many of our players back on court as possible. Each school term which has a lockdown period, will result in the tennis term being extended during the school holiday period for lockdown make up lessons. In the event of extended long lockdown durations a common sense approach of credits will be applied, if make up lessons are impractical.
  • Replacement classes due to absence or weather will be available to be booked via the ‘make up’ tab in our app, in 2 week of each term. If we are re-opening from a lockdown, this time will be altered to allow us time to re-start.



  • All our regular programs will be offered, except Cardio Tennis.
  • It will be a first in, first served system so if you are keen to get back on court, please ensure you book ASAP to lock in your preferred class.

Make-up Policy

  • During this reopening period and whilst we are under restrictions, we may not be unable to offer access to make-up classes. So if you are to miss a class, unfortunately we won’t be able to enrol you in another in its place, until the ‘make up’ function is enabled in the customer portal. There will be no expiry ever on replacement class, so we simply ask for your patience. Additionally, in the event of lockdowns, we will ad additional ‘make up’ classes each school holiday period.
  • During this period, we ask that students commit to their classes through until the end of term.

Before Class Procedure

  • Each venue will have courts spaces split into zones. Each zone will have an entry/exit point which we will ask all players to use. This will minimise congregation of students around single entry points.
  • Please familiarise yourself with your class court number and look for the correct entry to that court. Signs have been placed around the venues to help with this. We will also have a supervising coach to direct students.
  • We ask that parents who are dropping off their children remain in their car and observe from there where possible. If you have a red/blue stage student(aged 4-6yrs), or accompanying a player with a disability, you may observe from behind the court while practising physical distancing. Support workers or carers of players with a disability are permitted on court to aide their client.
  • We ask that no parents enter the court space with their child and to stay clear of entry/exit points to ensure physical distancing.
  • Anyone entering the court space or facility grounds must hand sanitise prior to entry. Hand sanitiser will be provided at all venues.
  •       It is a legal requirement to use the QR code at the venue you attend. the QR code is displayed on the entrance gate.

Use of Clubhouse

  • The clubhouses at each of our venues are strictly off limits and will be locked for your safety and that of club members.
  • Entry to the clubhouse will only be for emergency student use of the toilet facilities, if required.
  • If toilet facilities are required, hand sanitation must occur upon entry and exit to these facilities. We have provided sanitation stations at all toilet facilities across our venues.

In Class Procedure

  • All staff have been briefed and trained on the hygiene and physical distancing measures we have in place.
  • There is to be no sharing of equipment during lessons and where equipment is to be re-used, it will be sanitised prior to re-use.
  • Physical distancing of 1.5m between students will be enforced by coaches over the course of a class.

After Class Procedure

  • We ask that all students arriving for their class wait at their designated entry point until all students from the previous class have exited. Entry and exit will be staggered like this to ensure no more than 10 students are on court at any one time.
  • We ask that parents remain in their car and wait for students to return to them when picking them up. If you have a Red/Blue Stage student (aged 4-6yrs), or accompanying a player with a disability, you may wait outside the exit of their zone, however please observe physical distancing at all times.
  • Anyone leaving the courts must hand sanitise after their lesson. Coaches will have sanitation bottles on court for students and there will be hand sanitiser at the club which you can also use.

​To find out more information about Covid-19 and the current Government restrictions please visit the links below.

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