Tennis Fun Truths/Falsehoods: True or False Game?

Tennis Fun Truths/Falsehoods: True or False Game?


Fun Truths/Falsehoods about Tennis?

Just to spice things up a little from our usual bulletin, we would like to play a bit of a True or False questionnaire. Please keep the answers to yourselves and the answers will be revealed in the next bulletin!

  1. The longest competitive tennis match took more than 11 hours to finish!
  2. The shortest competitive tennis match took less than 20 minutes!
  3. The French Open (Roland Garros) was the first “Grand Slam” to go open!
  4. The fastest serve on the ATP was by an Australian and was faster than 250km/h!
  5. An actual hawk (not Hawkeye) is used at Wimbledon to keep the pigeons away!
  6. Tennis balls were originally white, and only switched to being yellow at Wimbledon!
  7. Professional tennis can be played on grass, carpet and even wood!
  8. The loudest grunt in a tennis match came from Maria Sharapova at Wimbledon!
  9. Grass courts are the fastest surface to play tennis on!
  10. If you swing during the serve and miss the ball, it is considered a fault!

So, which of these are true and which are false? Keep your eyes peeled for the answers in the next Slamin Bulletin!