NDIS Tennis Lessons

Get Your NDIS Plan Goals Over The Net, With Slamin Tennis!

If you are NDIS plan-managed, self-managed or self-funded, Slamin has a tennis program to suit your needs. Our coaches are passionate about helping all ages and all abilities achieve their health and wellbeing goals in a small group or 1:1 approach to tennis

Reach your NDIS goals
Relaxed and quiet environment
We provide all support documentation
We provide assessment planning and goal planning
Meets 4 x NDIS categories
Bring your support worker along!
Free trial lesson!

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NDIS Member Success Stories

How Jenny progressed from driveway tennis lessons to centre court and coach!

Jenny (not her real name) has Autism, Cerebral Palsy and is selectively mute. When Jenny first signed up with Slamin, we set the lesson up in her driveway – a familiar and comfortable space. Jenny slowly gained her confidence with tennis and her Slamin coach, and attended a small group lesson! Over time Jenny began to rally quite well, so we encouraged her to enter a PWII Tournament – and to her absolute credit – she did! Jenny is currently a trainee assistant coach at Slamin.

Game set match for Peter’s mental and physical wellbeing

Peter (not his real name) has Non Verbal Autism, makes loud happy sounds, repeats his favourite words, and physically ‘flaps’ his arms. This can be intimidating for others, and causes Peter to feel excluded in mainstream situations. Slamin Tennis and the Doncaster Tennis Club are totally inclusive places, and immediately welcomed Peter as a valued member of our Club. He attends his Advantage Autism tennis sessions with enthusiasm and inspires others. Tennis has also helped Peter lose a considerable amount of weight, which has aided his physical health and mental wellbeing.

Game, set match for this loveable teenager’s self esteem!

Michael (not his real name) has Autism, and once struggled with communication, strength, coordination and feelings of isolation. Michael joined our Advantage Autism private and group lessons. Michael took recovery breaks during his sessions, then slowly built up his physical capacity. The tennis language enabled Michael to have a common interest with peers, and his friendships with others developed. Michael is now one of the most popular members in his team of other teenagers, and has strong self esteem and strong friendships outside of school.


Players and their guardians must be aware of the following Victorian Government mandates when visiting Slamin Tennis:

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    Masks are NOT required outside, unless social distancing is not possible
  • null
    Masks MUST be worn inside
  • null
    Masks are optional for grade 2 and under
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    Actively practice social distancing
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    Everyone under 16 is treated as if fully vaccinated
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    All Slamin coaches are triple-vaccinated.

BEFORE your lesson, please LOG IN to the ThinkSmart Customer Portal App, and accept the new terms and conditions (even if you have already paid for your term).

We are doing our best to ensure a safe return to tennis for everyone. Slamin Tennis thanks you for your cooperation and patience as we all get back onto the court. Please be aware that government rules and restrictions can change rapidly. We are trying to provide the most up-to-date information at all times. However, we would ask that you please check back here again prior to your next tennis lesson to ensure you are aware of the current requirements, so as to avoid disappointment when arriving on court.


NDIS covers tennis lessons, tennis competitions and tennis club membership.
We deliver our programs for players who are plan-managed or self-funded only.
We elect to not have an NDIS provider number, and work exclusively with plan-managed and self-managed players, to achieve their NDIS goals in a holistic approach with the players team of specialist support.

Tennis fits into these four NDIS funding categories:
i) Social and community participation
ii) Health and wellbeing
iii) Relationships
iv) Choice and control

Please view the NDIS sports guide via this link for assistance: https://dsr.org.au/ndis-sports-guide/
Slamin also provides a tailored “scheduled structure of support” documentation, as well as assessment planning, and goal planning, in preparation for a student’s NDIS planning sessions.